The role the Council can and do play in development activities is very crucial to the entire development process of the municipality and the Nation at-large. It is in this light therefore that our collective efforts in small work groups will produce amazing grate results to foster development and boost economic growth. To fulfill our mandate, we are called upon to effectively play our role in each committee effectively so as to realize the national dream of 2035.

A. Education Committee Terms of Reference:

B. Health Committee Terms of Reference:

C. Finance Committee Terms of Reference:

  • To ensure the possible maximum rates of the direct and indirect taxes from taxation for adoption in session for implementation.
  • To examine the draft budget of the council for voting by the council in session.
  • To study the draft Administrative, Management and Stores Accounts for confirmation by the council in session.
  • To identify possible revenue sources within the council for implementation.

D. Project (Infrastructure) Committee Terms of Reference:

  • To examine the various developmental projects in the municipality for execution.
  • To follow-up the construction of roads and bridges.
  • To follow-up the construction of slaughter/ sale slaps in all the municipal markets.
  • To follow-up the construction of market sheds/ public toilets in the markets, etc.
  • To see about the repairs (if any) on the provided structures in the municipality.
  • To make sure that all projects started are completed.
  • Propose priority projects.

E. Natural Resource Committee Terms of Reference:

  • To study the issues in the Agricultural Sector.
  • To study the sites for quarries and the exploitation.
  • To examine the problems in the Sectors of animal husbandry and fisheries for possible solutions.
  • To make sure that all naturally owned properties like fuel (forest) plantations, sand pits, oil plantations, fish ponds, etc are maintained.

F. Social and Culture Committee Terms of Reference:

  • To study a suitable site for the council cemeteries.
  • To see into the promotion of youths, sporting activities, and women development centers.
  • To see into the assistance of the disable persons.
  • To examine the sanitation issues of the municipality.
  • To study the files for scholarship awards by the council to schools for the deserving (qualified) students.
  • To propose good suggestions for social life in the municipality.
  • To intervene during natural disasters.

G. Council Follow-up Committee put in place after adoption of the Council Development Plan.



When the state invest money to better our situation at the grassroots and we do not follow-up the project during execution, such projects are abandoned and we suffer the consequences. Hence our development is retarded. Follow up is a continuous and regular process of collection and treatment of information. We do follow-up to ensure:

  • That works are carried out in conformity with the technical specifications.
  • That the structures realized will be functional.
  • The sustainability of the structure.
  • The functioning of the structure so as to put the realized structure to the right use
    (when purpose is not known abuse can not be avoided).

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