Ndop Council enjoys the privilege to have been the headquarters of the South Eastern Federation (Native Authorities) created by the Local Administration in 1940. The territory of the South Eastern Federation (SEF) included the areas covered by Nkwen, Bafut and Nso. In 1960 the SEF territory was divided into two with the Nso Native Authority cut out of it. And in 1961, the Bafut-Ndop Area Council was created.It should be recalled here that after the independence of Cameroon in 1961, the Santa-Tubah Council areas were created, giving rise to the independent construction of the present Ndop Council Area which also mark creation with the Babessi and Balikumbat Councils.

In 1966, the first the sub-divisional office and the council were recognized within the federal republic of Cameroon. From then hence, the council has entered under the evolution of Administrative decisions of the Republic of Cameroon.

With many Quarters and four principal Villages of Bambalang, Bamunka, Bamali and Bamessing, the population of the Council Areas is fast growing and today estimated at over 160.000 inhabitants, thereby threatening food sustainability, increase crime waves and the need for healthier planning of the municipality, especially the urban space. The inhabitants of the constituent villages come from the great Tikari tribe which is the origin of most villages in the grass field areas of the Northwest Region. There are other strong Hausa population who are spread in the four villages and the Mbororo who are mainly cattle breeders living up the hills.

Ndop Municipally is very rich in potentials. With the rich mineral volcanic soils, about 85% of the population of the Municipality is involve in agriculture where they cultivate crops such as maize, groundnuts, beans, soya beans, potatoes, yams, coco yams, as well as vegetables in its miscellanies. The fundamental of agricultural productivity is rice production which is mostly handled by the prominent and the only company in the Division, UNVDA Ndop. The Bambalang fish, press pot knacks and the copious touristic sites are some of the conceits of the Municipality.

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