Ndop Council for the main time shares working collaboration with the following organizations; FEICOM for control of state transfer funds to the Council; PNDP for steering local development of the Municipality; Safety Net for support to some identified low income inhabitants of the Municipality; Plan Cameroon for a diversity of liberal activities on child welfare. UCCC for looking in to the activities and wellbeing of Councils; JAICA/PIDMA for rice and other agricultural developmental projects; GP-DERUDEP for social development projects and all the sectorial Ministries.

Recently, the relation between Ndop council and Mr. Jules Famawa François who has distributed books to students and pupils of the Municipality and the provision of 03 boreholes to Ndop, Bamunka and Bambalang is an added impetus of Ndop council cooperation. We heartily thank him for this humanitarian gesture and remark that the return of a few students in this education turbulent period is the result of his move.

We also thank the Cameroon National youth president and that for Ngoketunjia for their continuous lobby from donors to improve the lifestyle of the local population.

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Mini-agric Show

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