PNDP in Ndop Council, like in other councils, is the prime driver of community development. After a slow-down in Ndop council/PNDP cooperation for the 2nd phase in 2016, the 3rd phase actively started in November at the SDO’s Office with the signing of the convention between the beneficiary (Ndop Council) and the benefactor (PNDP) to kick-start development activities on economic and social structures.

This convention became a reality on the 23rd March 2017 with the launching workshop for the update of the Council Development Plan, the CDP. It is worth to mention here that the update of the CDP was directed by the Local Support Organization- COMINSUD, contracted by both the PNDP and the Council. PNDP has organized numerous capacity building workshops geared toward empowering Councils, organized workshops on Simba software to improve the financial performance of council and remarkably, the recent Councils’ performance basket for the competiveness of best councils, is a laudable effort in the piloting of council’s performance and hence community development by the PNDP.

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Mini-agric Show

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