At the mention of Ndop wherever, within or without the National Triangle, the picture in one’s mind is Ndop rice. Ndop rice is the pride of Ndop Municipality. Ndop rice is unique in taste and preparation unlike other rice. It is also unique in value. Recent research in this domain has ranked Ndop rice at the top of all rice produced in Africa. For example, the first price for rice at the Ebolwa Agro-pastoral show was won by Ndop Rice. Over 15.000 tons of rice can be produced annually in Ndop.

The cultivation, processing and marketing of this cash peal has created employment to over 65% of the Municipality. The synchronization and the overseer of rice production in Ndop is the famous Upper Nun Valley Development Authority, the UNVDA. UNVDA, based in Ndop has, through the need to expand production and secure food shortage, grouped farmers of not only Ndop Municipality, but in the whole Division and the Region at large in to over 20 corporative. They are equally searching for improved methods of increasing production and productivity.

Ndop rice in the farm.


Ndop rice at the mill

Mini-agric Show

Bambalang Dam

Mini-agric Show


Mini-agric Show

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