Within the framework of investment, projects in Ndop Council are realised either by PIB, PNDP, Plan, other donors and council funds. Some of these projects include; Construction and equipment of classrooms, rehabilitation of roads in the municipality, Recruitment of Council Teachers and Council Nurses, Construction of bridges, culverts and gutters, the supply of drinking water, extension of electricity, supply of didactics material to schools, supply of equipment to some training centres within the municipality, Sponsor of our staff for refresher courses amongst others.

Ndop water project

Ndop water project is financed by Ndop council/FEICOM. After successful diagnoses, costing and implanting of this human need -water, it was a “dream come true” in some parts of the municipality and a “wish we could” to other parts, namely Bambalang, part of Bamali and Bamunka, there by exposing the inhabitants of these areas to water supplementary maladies.

Electrification of the Municipality

Better have than bitter stay! Despite the rampant cut of electricity in the Municipality, the council still has not relent her efforts in the up-lighting of some parts of the Municipality.

The Bamali three corners-Mbangsalle health centre electricity extension, a Hallucination!!



Ndop council with schools


Ndop council with transport


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Bambalang Dam

Mini-agric Show


Mini-agric Show

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